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Warminster & District Branch

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Chair: Jill Coward

Vice Chair Vacancy

Secretary: Bob Groves

Treasurer: Kelly White

Warminster Branch Meets in The Athenaeum at on the 3rd Wed in Every month. (No Meeting in December) Next Meeting  June 20th 2018 NB There is no meeting in August or December.


Wiltshire Council Warminster Area Board Protest Meeting Jan 4th

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

This picture shows the meeting before the partition doors were opened to allow access to the rest of the protestors waiting in the next room.

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

This picture shows the meeting after the room was doubled in size allowing all the 140 protestors in.

Warminster Labour Party Press Officer Tony Free addresses the Area Board

Picture by Justin Sanford

Justin Sanford addresses the meeting

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

John Bowley contests the Agenda as the item is not as described in the previous minutes

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Two of the rough Sleepers that attended make a moving appeal to the board

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Inspector Andy Fee informs the meeting that existing laws are quite adequate

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Sarah Johnson the Council’s “Assertive Outreach Worker” informs the meeting that she is dealing with 87 rough sleepers and has so far got 13 into safe accommodation

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

David Wood from Help for Veterans addresses the meeting. In the background, indicating that he wishes to speak is party member Mike White. He stressed to the meeting that from his extensive experience as a Police Officer the new Order that can criminalise the homeless is completely unnecessary.

The Area Board deliberate while Tony Free attempts to point out the error of their ways

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Assertive Outreach Worker Sarah Johnson explains her role

A homeless person that has been helped to find a short term tenancy explains where she is going wrong.

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Picture by Bob Naylor WaterMarx Media

Feedback from a Homeless person who attended the meeting:-

"I’m homeless and I sleep in Warminster. I went to the  meeting last night and I would like to thank you for standing up for the homeless. I didn’t expect there to be such a positive feel from the local community and realising how many people support the homeless makes me realise how good the people are and I’m grateful on a personal level for helping my side. Thank you dearly"

The meeting hall has reached capacity and people queue  for the room to be combined with the next hall to make room for them.

Picture by Justin Sanford

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Chair of Warminster Branch Jill Coward

Message from the Chair

Just a couple of years ago there were not enough members to hold branch meetings in SW Wiltshire. We met as a constituency in Westbury with a total membership of 114 for the whole of the constituency. The average attendance at a meeting would be about 6 members. Now we expect around 40 as an average. With the advent of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader our membership has stayed well over 600 and  we have been able to reopen a well attended  Warminster branch. As a party we care about people and are becoming active in the local community. If you would like to get involved  we would love to see you.

Jill Coward

Chair Jill Coward presents the Founder of Jewish Voice for Labour Glyn Secker with a gift following his talk to the Branch on Israel/Palestine situation and what is now acceptable and unacceptable to say on Social Media about the actions of Israel. 20/3/19

Warminster Branch Chair Jill Coward with Chris Williamson MP on his visit to Devizes CLP !2th January 2019

Blues Night 29th Mar 2019 Pictures